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The Opportunity of an Exisitng Building in Creating a Cultural Space

Rachel Surman


Proposal:  Public Spaces & Residences
Location: The Telephone House, Marlborough Street & Backland Area

This thesis intends to question whether existing buildings within our cities are worth saving or not. Some building uses are no longer in demand; leaving healthy structures derelict. 

The demolition of these buildings may be removing historical architecture from the city, whilst contributing negatively to climate change.

“These older buildings with their rawness, exposed bones and old scars don’t just provide evidence of the past, they tell us that there are still things in this world that endure and stand the test of time” - James Woolum

I also questioned whether derelict buildings can be used to provide needed amenities to the city center while also sustainably embracing historical architecture.

The research and resulting project design seek to explore and evaluate elements associated with the creation of spaces which allow people to connect and share cultures and experiences.

In this project, the need for a cultural space became apparent due to the wide variety of cultures in the North East Inner City and the total lack of communal space where immigrants and Irish people can connect.

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