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Rethinking Social Inclusivity For The Elderly 

Orla Duffy


Proposal: Housing for the Elderly 
Location: Charles Street Great 

Ageing population is one of the most significant trends of the 21st century. It has a important, consequential and far-reaching implications for every aspect of society.

Cities have become more fragmented due to the increasing urbanisation of many parts of the world. There is more inequality and a growing complexity of social life in cities that leads to social exclusion and increasing social differentiation. Population ageing should be one of these critical realisations, being one of the most significant facets of Irish demographic change, yet older people continue to face discrimination and exclusion because of their age, gender, disability, or other characteristics.  In relation to urban ageing, there should be a focus on promoting mobility within cities (such as walkability, use of public transport), promoting safety and security, and empowering older people in local communities. A true age-friendly city is not focused on just one generation, but includes and embraces all generations. This should be reflected in design principles including the universal design concept or similarly an urban response.

The scheme was designed to identify disparities and provide recommendations going forward to ensure an inclusive society for all ages. Generations, both young and old, are to be given the opportunity to contribute to the development and will share in the benefits of an age friendly city. Facilitating a supportive environment that enables residents to grow older actively within their families, neighbourhoods, and civil society offers extensive opportunities for their participation in the community.

This thesis focuses on a place where older people are actively involved, valued, and supported, and is built with infrastructure and services that cater to their needs. Our cities require a fluid space of disharmony within social progress that represents the agency of our nations now. The essence of this process is not a visionary goal, but rather a process of continuous and productive struggle.

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