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Layering the Scenography of Place

Kate Tierney


Proposal: A Theatre & Campus of Creative Arts for the NEIC
Location: Mountjoy Brewery & Croke Park Industrial Park

At the beginning of the year we were tasked with exploring and understanding the North East Inner City (NEIC) of Dublin through the lens of our touchstone topic for the year, Critical Care. From these readings and my understanding of the NEIC, I came to the decision to propose a theatre and campus of creative arts in the heart of the NEIC. By using existing buildings and providing free services for the local community to get involved in, it supports critical care thinking and my approach of ‘active care’ in the community.
This thesis is about layering and scenography in the making of a place. I explore how you experience layers and view a place through the creation of a Theatre and Campus of creative and performative arts in the NEIC. 

The meaning of layering in this project is bipartite. It is both a physical thing - such as wall thicknesses, or new fabric against existing - and an intangible thing such as the movement of people, memories being created in a place and time passing. And all of these things refer to my understanding of layering.

The exploration of layering at the beginning of the year led me to exploring a place through scenography. The meaning of which is ‘objects in perspective’ and in the project I explore this topic through both perspective or depth, and the idea of a flat element or layer that describes a particular condition.

Throughout this project I explore what makes a place, how an identity is shown and how you experience layers as scenes in a 2- and 3-dimensional sense.


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