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Living with Nature

Kaleriya Dudina


Proposal: Elderly Housing
Location: Former North Wall Freight Depot, Abercorn Road

My intention for this project was to design a simple harmonious complex, create closeness to nature, and establish visual relationships throughout the development. 
The project weaves the building into the landscape creating balance between the built and natural environments. Nature encloses all building units on the site submerging the occupants into the wild. It is a green oasis for the neighbourhood that provides ecosystem services such as air filtration, biodiversity diversity and support, urban cooling, and flood/rainwater management. 

The green open spaces were designed based on the sequence of gardens with different purposes and characters, as well as on the typology of a care home. These spaces act as links between different building blocks, create visuals, act as spaces for recreation, relaxation, interaction with other people and/or nature, and become places of enjoyment. The configuration of these spaces differs, depending on the desired function and its location within the layout.

This relationship of the building with the outside space has been particularly important for this project. I focused on creating architecture that would connect with the surrounding landscape in all possible ways. 

All my choices including materials choice, design elements, layout, plant species and location had a common goal to establish contact with nature, improve the life quality of those living in the complex, and create a peaceful sensation of simplicity. 

The various views, landscape typologies, the range of outdoor and indoor spaces, as well as the characteristics of wood and greenery create a space that is comfortable, and friendly and gives a feeling of home.

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