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Multigenerational Housing

Jamila Al ali


Proposal: Multigenerational Housing 
Location: Dominick Street Lower Dublin 1

Multigenerational Housing, Intergenerational Experience, and Shared Spaces are just a few of the terms that come to mind when thinking of multigenerational housing.
My motivation for starting a co-living community. to improve interaction between the elderly and other family members However, it is critical to repair this link between the elders and the younger generations, particularly among the younger generations.
In fact, it benefits both groups because, on the one hand, it assists the elderly in transferring the emotional and social experiences they have gained throughout their lives, and on the other hand, it provides youth with multiple perspectives on reality, allowing them to become more socially adjusted.
The main goal of this design thesis was to understand and provide a proposal that could demonstrate how much the design of a space can affect the lifestyle of users, a space that can evoke different emotions and have a greater impact on the human mind, so it was critical to address this issue and develop living spaces that could support interaction and engaging activities for three generations, elderly and youth, while respecting the privacy of each individual.

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