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Didactical Inauguration

Hussain Wanas


Proposal: Migrant and Craft Centre 
Location: 52 Charles Street Great, Mountjoy, Dublin 1

The creation of a Migrant and Craft Centre is a proposition to solve the problem of the daily migration along Gardiner street, where over six hundred people are forced to evacuate their premises during the day. The projects objective was not only to provide a place for people to reside during the day but  to provide them with the necessary tools and skills to build their roots in the community. As well as to integrate them with the broader community and environment.

The design thesis revolves around the notion that nature and the built environment can communicate and allow for the creation of a project that would embody these ideals. Therefore the didactical design seeks to highlight the exterior green space as it meanders into the building, signifying the fusion of nature. While the main building element (the roof) depicts the notion of a series of trees, with light breaking through the canopy (oculus).These elements fused with the materiality, present zenithal light protruding through the inner roof structure and highlighting designated spaces at will. This allows for the building to constantly keep your attention in communicating the natural surrounding environment and allow for a refreshing educational experience to be introduced to all .


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