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How can architectural representation be improved in construction documentation? 

Eoin Flynn

Test Methods
VR Simulation Environmnent
Case Study

For copy of full dissertation, contact:

Sameer Mehra
Timothy O' Leary

Advancements in computer technology have led to the rapid growth of how we present architectural designs. How designers implement advanced architectural representation is an ever-changing process we must investigate and understand 

The study researches the implementation of advanced modes of architectural representation within Irish construction documentation. The advancement of computer technology has brought with it new modes of advanced architectural representation, the effects of which are not fully understood within the Irish construction industry. This research explored implementing 3D render representation of construction details in Irish construction documentation, investigating how helpful and essential 3D representation is at various levels of Irish construction complexity. Research also included investigations into the possible benefits of 3D animation when coordinating the construction of facades with fire-stopping.  Understanding where advanced modes of representation are best implemented within Irish construction documentation is important going forward to fully understand where advanced representations are most efficiently utilized. Findings indicated advanced representation can benefit construction documentation in several aspects.

To pursue this research a series of surveys were conducted which investigated the two main goals of the research. Surveys were aimed at contractors, sub-contractors and construction workers who were all working in construction at the time of the survey. Within the surveys, participants were exposed to advanced architectural representations and asked a series of questions. Questions gauged if construction documentation could benefit from the implementation of various modes of advanced architectural representation. The research found that although 3D render representation clarified details of all complexities, it was only deemed essential for implementation for the understanding of complex Irish construction details.  Survey results also indicated construction animation could improve coordination between contractors 

The results from the research will allow designers and architects to better understand where advanced architectural representation is needed in Irish within construction documentation. This will help avoid the development of advanced representation when it is not needed and increase implementation where it is needed. The research will also allow further progression in practices and protocols surrounding the implementation of advanced modes of architectural representation in construction documentation.  


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