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Culture Cocoons

Emma Curran


Proposal: Pilot Project of Cultural Space and apartments
Location: Rutland Place 

Dublin keeps on changing, there is no stopping that but it’s how we manage this change that will determine the future of Dublin’s spirit. It is the people and culture that makes Dublin so special. With the rise in developer lead development, Dublin is at risk of losing its essence. Cultural activities that are central to communities are being pushed out of the city centre. The price of renting spaces is becoming too much for these under supported activities. Financial gains are being prioritised over culture. Grassroot communities are fighting to stay in the city centre but they are losing as they can’t compete with developers. Many cultural activities have already been pushed to back land areas and now they are at risk of losing those spaces too. Aparthotels, apartments and hotels are replacing these activities in the back lands too. My design is based on the needs of these communities and aims to preserve Dublin’s essence. A pilot project that incorporates the developer’s ambitions and also the needs of cultural activities will create harmony between the two competitors. The pilot project for combined apartments and cultural space within existing plot lines will preserve the grit and the grain of the back lands. It will support the existing activities on the lane while leaving a space for new cultural activities to grow and be nourished.

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