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Agency and the Laneway

Eimear Shaughnessy


Proposal: A mixed use public building and activation of an abandoned laneway
Location: Croke Park, Drumcondra, Dublin 3

My design project included the activation of an existing abandoned and derelict laneway in the North East Inner City area alongside Croke Park. I have proposed to introduce a new community hub building and train station with access to Croke Park and the existing laneway. The community building is a tall thin structure inspired by Lina Bo Bardi’s Theatro Officina and is sited on the existing Croke Park display screen structural columns. The existing screen will be replaced by a new in-glass LED transparent screen which also makes up the facade on the southern side of the building, facing Croke Park. The existing embankment that the railway line once sat on will be replaced by a series of columns supporting a suspended railway and new platform. Beneath the platform, a new market space will provide an area for local vendors which breaks out into the existing landway.

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