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Revitalisation of Urban Ruins

Aaron Doyle


Proposal: Providing Marino College with a New
Campus to Value the Lost Tradition of Art and

This thesis is set out to reconnect a fragmented community through the rejuvenation of an old Georgian townhouse. Viewing it through the lens of dereliction and urban ruin, a relic from the past. A structure that lies within the heart of the city, creating a nodal point out of a void currently separating the local community. Embracing its history and a time that has been, gone, and cannot come again. Reactivating this site through the expansion of Marino College of Further Education. Providing a new campus that will value the lost tradition of arts and heritage within the area. The bringing back of old structures that had been lost over time, the celebration of the reintroduction of something that did not withstand the test of time. Appreciating the patina of age in a poetic sense, teaching us the durability of something that was constructed over 200 years ago. Ruins can help one understand themselves and each other by evoking thoughts of the passing of things. Arousing the realisation of mortality, picturing the world through the lens that was once someone’s reality, yet is now but a muse of the onlooker’s fantasy. 

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