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Exploring Connections in Disconnected Territories

Daniel Kavanagh


Proposal: Mixed use workspaces and active spaces
Location: Royal Canal Greenway, North Dock, Dublin 1

The project presented in this Thesis looks at loose areas found within the North-east Inner City (NEIC) in Dublin, Ireland, and investigates ways that reconnection can occur in these loose areas.  

An initial investigation into nodes of infrastructure along the Royal Canal in the NEIC were the first steps in this thesis. What was found was lots of great infrastructure that take people from A to B, but a lot of wasted/ ignored spaces that happen alongside these nodes of infrastructure. The design project is set within one of the loose spaces found along the Royal Canal and aims to reconnect the areas that surround the North Strand Road, in the form of a communal public house containing workspace and activity-based spaces.

The main concern relates to the climate crisis and the critical care that is required for the planet and the city. Dublin is a city that has run out of space but holds the potential to contain a lot of interesting design projects that can critically care for the future of our planet, while reconnecting neighbourhoods set within the city. The Royal Canal is a vein through the NEIC that holds so much potential but was found not to be utilised to its full potential. 

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