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Are building-integrated pv roofing tiles a suitable renewables option for meeting nzeb requirements? 

Chloé Smith

Test Methods
Case Study
Digital Calculation

For copy of full dissertation, contact:

David Knight
Sameer Mehra

BIPV roofing tiles are roofing tiles with solar components designed to blend in with traditional roofing tiles. This study analyses their suitability to preform to nZEB standards in Ireland. 

The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate the suitability of Building Integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing tiles in Ireland. These tiles are designed to blend in with traditional roofing tiles, whilst containing components that allow for the production of solar electricity1. This means a home owner can invest in solar electricity without compromising the aesthetics or possibly historic character of their home.  

The study was carried out by analysing the solar potential of Ireland and comparing it with countires with similar climates, through digital calculations carried out on Microsoft Excel and Revit Solar Analysis to compare the BIPV tiles within the context of a case study. A sample tile from Nulok SolActrix was also provided and tested on. The results found that most of the tiles preform to a similar standard as traditional PV panels, with most only requiring a slightly larger area of roof.

The test results and the BIPV tiles ability to withstand the Irish weather indicates that they are a suitable option for renewable energy for Irish nZEB standards. Their ability to blend into surrounding environments could allow them to be used in protected structures or areas where planning procedures previously restricted PV installation. This could mean that despite their increased price from traditional panels, that solar energy may become even more accessible and mainstream.

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