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Connecting Dublin Through Her Rail Infrastructure

Auveen O’Donnell


Proposal: Interior Landscape of Food Production and Consumption
Location: Connolly Station Rail Vaults

My thesis is about connecting the NEIC by opening up the under belly of her rail infrastructure. The elevated rail currently forms a largely impassable, formidable cliff dividing the city. In some of the enveloping walls arches can be seen, hinting at an existence of something greater behind, something hidden, waiting to be explored. As it transpires, there’s an extensive arched world hidden within our city. 

The architectural aim is to alter the fabric to enable it to be used, without hiding or detracting from the charming and unique characteristics. I want to connect these communities that are segregated due to rail infrastructures, through the incredible interior landscapes they already possess. This thesis is about connecting people, but truly connecting people isn’t just giving them handy routes to walk, the journey must also be a destination, where they can connect with each other. 

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