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The Public Room

Aoife Rooney


Proposal: Mixed Use Public Building 
Location: Gloucester Place, Dublin 1

The thesis title the Public Room is derived from my interest in the pubic spaces of the city, both past and present, especially those which were borne from appropriation, alongside the current deterioration of public space in the overall city which has gradually worsened with time. The communities of the North East Inner City have been perpetually misunderstood resulting in negligent development which prioritises the addressing of antisocial behaviour over a more optimistic planning of the area. 

This thesis seeks to reintroduce the lost public space of the Gloucester Diamond, making room for the local and wider public in a generous new pubic building. The theory of the Public Room seeks to reengage with the rich heritage of the Diamond, as well as the historic commons of the city, and use architecture as a tool to support the existing community.
The proposed new public building will be of mixed use, paying homage to the former significant, overlapping public spaces of the Diamond - The 27 Steps, Turf Depot and 7-a-side Football Pitch. Community Rooms, an Auditorium, a Sports Hall and Cafe will be placed along a new stepped landscape, connecting Gloucester Place to Summerhill and will provide the residents with the public space needed to foster a resilient community.

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