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Critical Symbiosis

Andrew Arlovski


Proposal: Primary School and Community Centre
Location: Hillstreet Dublin 1

My thesis explores Symbiotic Space which came from my initial studies of unexpected relationships of flora/fauna on the exterior and how invasive species found their way through creating pockets for growth and occupation. 

Hillstreet community center was chosen as a site to investigate these occurrences due to the high occupation of flora and fauna within the derelictions. These derelictions became the main source of inspiration as the boundary between the inside and outside is what draws the connections together bringing the interior into the exterior world. Following the theme of critical care all existing demolitions were further used within the new primary school while taking account of unexpected interactions on the border of the wall. Lack of communities and increase in the number of primary school students influenced to create a space for all to educate and create care through the act of giving space in architecture.


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