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The Role of Serendipity in Architecture

Alex Curtis


Proposal: A University and Start-Up Combinator
Location: Amiens Street, Dublin 1

This thesis seeks to explore the intangible space between programmatic function. The serendipity that exists where different worlds meet. Space which accommodates varying people with varying needs simultaneously. In particular the conscious provision of common space, intended for spontaneity and appropriability. Set within a time of rapidly expanding monocultured development, the work explores the intentional gesture of serendipitous space. It is within this additional gesture that we negotiate between the open street and internalised programmed activity, it is where we meet and gather before entry, where we anticipate play, it is what prepares us for work. It accommodates stillness, solidarity, rest, and contemplation. It is the space of chance encounter, unexpected connections, reconnections, and crossed paths. It is civic ground. 

The project which emerges takes lessons from urban theory, precedent, and varying spatial studies  to propose a much needed link between local community, education, commerce and innovation. It is a higher level institute of education which shares its environment, facilities, spaces and expertise with an innovation or start-up incubator. These facilities are then accessible to members of the community to provide further education, access to resources, or simply spaces in which to work. Thus creating a heavily occupied and charged environment in which to explore this serendipitous common ground with three distinct group continually interacting..

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